We bring organizations together to collaborative develop solutions to real-world problems not just for today, but for tomorrow. We do this by fostering collaboration between our staff and our member partners. In the end, we are all part of intricate overlapping communities, at OSRS Group we work hard to leverage the advantages in these overlaps.

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Flows like water


Well defined and open specifications form the central mass of what makes OSRS Group different. We believe in more than code, we strive to enable interoperability within and between organizations. We have the goal of secure operations that span the boundaries of organizations to form a network of data, analytics and processes that operate under disparate governance models.

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Many languages from C# to Java, JavaScript, Python and Rust we build interoperable implementations. Open source foundations with organization specific extensions that meet business needs. Just plain open source. Liberal licensing, freedom of use, freedom to share, freedom to commercialize, no limits or boundaries. Published to well known communities like github.

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Interoperability. Bring your own language or platform.

Our focus on open specifications in addition to open source enables us to provide interoperable implementations in any language and for any platform. We understand that systems are becoming an integral part of organizations and that reusability and cross-organizational integration is becoming a real need.

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Scalability. Cloud, Containers, Desktop, Mobile - same deployment, dynamically.

We enable our technologies to scale without changing the implementation from small to large scale. We believe in dynamic injection of capabilities at the service or process level for new levels of continuous deployment.

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Simplicity. Easy, compact, done.

Write code once in well thought out libraries and reuse them. Make the code simple to write and dependencies easy to use with minimal "dependency hell" concerns. It should always be simple to write and manage.

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Operational Processes. Adapt, Adopt, Thrive.

We build not just software, but process guidance for how to plan and integrate technology into your organization. We build technology using patterns and practices that are meant to minimize the burdens of change caused by technology driven disruption.

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