Our Technologies

OSRS Group is working on several key areas, we divide our work into projects which roughly cover a technology area. Each project will have multiple sub-areas and applicability to many organizations and industries.

Our industry focus dimension is accounted for separately in our active area "P" (Industry Projects and Functional Domains), which contains sub-projects for each industry domain in which we are conducting work.

Top-level General Scope Technology R&D Ongoing Project Areas:

  • Area A: Geospatial and Location Technologies
  • Area B: Agent Based Simulation and Computational Modeling
  • Area C: Math, Logic and Numerical Computing
  • Area D: Enterprise Framework and Well-Known Types
  • Area E: Temporal, BiTemporal, TimeSeries, History and Archival Systems
  • Area O: Open Data and Specifications
  • Area M: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Area P: Industry Projects and Functional Domains
  • Area S: Cybersecurity, Anti-Tamper, Information Assurance and Data Governance
  • Area W: Commons Core Technologies
  • Area X: Runtimes, Virtual Machines and Programming Languages
  • Area Y: Operating Systems, Containers, Distributed Environments
  • Area Z: Hardware, Hardware Anti-Tamper and Physical Security

Top-level Industry Projects and Functional Domains (Area P):

  • Analytics: General Purpose Risk and Comparative Risk Ratings (GRAMI)
  • Data: Administrative Boundaries, Measurement Sites, Geolocation of Well-Known and Casual Locations
  • Data: Biological Taxonomies and History of Changes and Common Names
  • Data: Census, LODES, Commerce
  • Data: Climate, Weather and Atmospherics
  • Data: Land use, Land cover, Terrain and Geodetic Movement
  • Data: Manufacture of Goods and General Product Taxonomies
  • Data: Measurement Instruments, Sensors, Calibrations and Manufacture
  • Data: People, Organizations, Contactable Parties and Addressing Systems
  • Data: Real Property, Structures, Parcels and Cadastre
  • Infrastructure: Drinking, Treatment and Irrigation Water Distribution
  • Infrastructure: Electric Power Grid
  • Infrastructure: Oil, Gas and Pipeline
  • Infrastructure: Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure: Transportation: Roads and Rails
  • Infrastructure: Transportation: Ships, Shipping, Maritime Routes and Ports
  • Infrastructure: Transportation: Airports, Air Routes, Aircraft
  • Infrastructure: Transportation: Dams, Bridges

OSRS Geospatial Capabilities. Robust, deep capabilities and ESRI/OGC Compatible.

We've built custom geometry libraries for vector geometries including upcoming support for global and polar spanning features. We have support for geospatial grids of multiple cell shapes including support for a semi-uniform global grid system. Our grid capability includes support for highly multi-threaded agent-based computation using image processing inspired algorithms. We also have a robust, dynamic tessellation engine that supports creation of constrained Delaunay triangulations with mesh quality guarantees. Finally, we support a geospatial binding to our agent-based simulation framework that supports complex, dynamic computation over vector and gridded datasets for complex analysis.

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Temporal Computing. What was and when did we know.

We offer several temporal capabilities including a general purpose temporal library (in development) that handles temporal data from high-precision attosecond scale to massive "history of the universe" scale. Our primary temporal areas of interest are time series/time sequence capabilities for measurement data which we support across a host of persistent data stores, and our temporal/bitemporal capability for fully temporally enabling enterprise record data. This temporal capability is designed to support geospatial data with our custom extensions for spatial-temporal interpolation of events.

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Enterprise SoSD Framework Model. Easy, compact, done.

Given we invented SoSD and Systematize, we of course have a suite of libraries for providing simplified development of autonomous services which can be dynamically scaled and provisioned. Our framework model offers a distributed system of systems security, logging and configuration capability as well to keep your enterprise data and analytics flowing.

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Well-Known Data System. Consume, Share, Integrate, Done.

Building on our other capabilities, we've developed an approach to integrated, distributed services for well-known data types that are efficiently shared between applications, departments and organizations in real time. No development required, just deploy an existing package or contact us to help adapt to your needs and infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Analytics. Assess, Plan, Mitigate Risk.

Telecommunications, Energy, Transportation. Infrastructure is a critical resource and OSRS Group has been helping stakeholders understand and mitigate risks to critical infrastructure for over a decade. We build solutions that help decision makers and engineers understand where vulnerabilities are and more importantly, which impacts are most likely to better inform mitigation planning.

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